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  • Setup Membership Plans for Affiliate Programs

    GoAffPro offers merchants the option to charge a membership fee from their affiliates. It provides various options for setting up and customizing the payment plans. Merchants can set up recurring or one-time payment plans, set up trial periods, and even link them with affiliate groups. Here we take a look at the membership plans option…

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  • GoAffPro’s Membership Plans Feature for Affiliate Programs

    GoAffPro’s Membership Plans Feature for Affiliate Programs

    Membership fee is a great option to have for merchants for their affiliate program. Merchants can charge people for registering as affiliates in their store’s program. Charging fees from affiliates to join a program does have benefits. Affiliates that pay a membership fee are more likely to stay active in promotions and marketing. It means…

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  • Membership in Affiliates Programs

    Membership in Affiliates Programs

    When an affiliate program is relatively new, a big hurdle for merchants is to recruit affiliates into the program. However, when there are enough affiliates in the program, and the program is running well, then merchants can think about moving to a paid membership system for their program. Successful affiliate programs that have a strong…

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