Referral Customization Features in GoAffPro

The affiliate’s referral is an essential part of the affiliate marketing program. Affiliates share their referrals in promotions and get a commission on sales made through them.

There are two types of affiliate referrals:

  • Referral Link
  • Coupon Code

Referral Link

The referral links is the link assigned to affiliates that direct customers to the store. This link can also be customized to direct customers to product pages.

Affiliates share this referral link in their promotions, and when customers make a purchase using it, that sale gets recorded as a referral sale. Then the commission for that sale is credited to the affiliate.

Here we take a look at referral link customization options in GoAffPro:

Shortening Referral Links

Merchants can make use of shortening tools, which allow the referral links to be shortened. URL shorteners such as can be integrated to generate shortened referral links automatically.

Merchants can also use or Shopify shorteners to shorten the referral links. These shortened links are used in social media platforms to embed links into promotions.

Referral Code Customization

The referral code is the code that is present at the end of the referral link. It is unique for each affiliate and helps in referral link tracking. GoAffPro provides an option to set the referral code style. By default, the referral codes get generated as a random string of numbers and alphabets.

Merchants can set the referral code style with styles such as random numbers, number sequence, affiliate’s name, or even set up their own custom style. Affiliates can also be given the option to customize their referral codes from their account dashboards.

Generate Product Links

Both the merchant and affiliates are provided with the option to generate product links. It allows for the links to direct customers to the product page or the intended page of the store.

The merchant can also change the default referral link of the affiliate with the product link. The affiliates can also use the product link generator tool in their affiliate dashboard to generate product links and share them.

Coupon Code

Coupon codes or referral coupons that get assigned to affiliates when used by customers in the checkout can also be used to track referral sales.

These codes are also customizable. The coupon code tracking works independently of the referral link, where even if the customer does not visit the store using a referral link and uses just the coupon code, the order will still get recorded.

Here we take a look at the coupon code customization options in GoAffPro:

Coupon Code Styles

GoAffPro offers merchants the option to set up different styles for coupon codes that are created within the app. These styles include affiliate’s name, affiliate’s Instagram handle, random letters, or even set up their own custom style for coupon codes.

Affiliates can also be given the option to customize their coupon codes from their account dashboards.

Coupon Usage Limits

Merchants can also set usage limits for the coupon codes. This can include setting up a minimum order value, where the coupon can get applied only after the minimum cart value is reached.

Further limitations such as limiting the usage of coupons to one use per customer and the total number of times the coupon code can be used are also useful options to have for merchants. Limit to coupon usage can also be made for specific products or collections of products.

Assigning Codes

Multiple coupon codes can be assigned to affiliates with an option also to assign personal coupons for the personal usage of affiliates in the store. Coupons created in GoAffPro will have the same discount amount.

To assign coupons with a different discount amount, the coupon will have to be created in the discounts section of the store and then get assigned to the affiliate within the app.

The GoAffPro app provides merchants with the option set up referral link and coupon code tracking for affiliates with customization option such as setting up of different referral code and coupon code styles, shortening of referral link and setting up limits for usage of coupon codes. Check out the app: GoAffPro






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