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  • Customize Commissions with Modifiers

    Customize Commissions with Modifiers

    Merchants can have different requirements while setting up commissions in their affiliate programs. It is, therefore, necessary for merchants to have the option to modify the commission based on various conditions or requirements. GoAffPro offers merchants the commission modifier option. It allows them to modify the existing commission of affiliates with different rules, such as…

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  • Referral Customization Features in GoAffPro

    Referral Customization Features in GoAffPro

    The affiliate’s referral is an essential part of the affiliate marketing program. Affiliates share their referrals in promotions and get a commission on sales made through them. There are two types of affiliate referrals: Referral Link The referral links is the link assigned to affiliates that direct customers to the store. This link can also…

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