Planning for an Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is now one of the most widely used marketing methods used by merchants. It is an ideal alternative to conventional marketing approaches. In affiliate marketing, merchants pay commissions to affiliates for the sales they bring to the store. Affiliates create promotions for referral sales to the merchant’s store.

There are several benefits that affiliate marketing provides to merchants, such as paying affiliates only when they bring sales to the store, greater control of payments, and better use of resources.⠀

Here we take a look at some things that merchants should keep in mind and plan before getting into affiliate marketing:

Selecting an affiliate program service

Several platforms provide affiliate marketing services, but it is necessary to search for services that offer higher flexibility and customization at a lower cost. These customization options can include, setting up different types of commission rates, allowing multiple payment modes to affiliates, or advanced features such as a multi-level affiliate network, and setting targets for affiliates.

Settings up commission rates

Affiliate commissions are an essential part of the whole affiliate marketing process. Affiliates promote and get paid for the sales that their promotions bring to the store. Affiliates are paid with commissions on each referral sale. There are different types of commissions, such as product commissions or fixed commissions (royalties). Therefore, merchants should give special attention to the commission rates that they set.

Recruiting affiliates into the program

Recruitment of affiliates requires careful consideration, merchants must look into the profile of affiliates and how they intend to carry out promotions. Special attention should be given to information such as the audience or the number of followers that the affiliate has or the social media platform that the affiliate uses to make promotions.

Guiding affiliates regarding products and promotions

Affiliates in the program must be provided with sufficient instructions, with a fair amount of knowledge on the items they are expected to promote. Merchants should express explicitly what they want from their affiliates. This involves supplying them with information on the terms, commission rates, and payments.

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