4 Ways to Guide Affiliates

A common problem that merchants get while running their affiliate programs is how do they guide the affiliates in their program. In certain instances, the success or the performance of the affiliate program may be affected by affiliates who are not doing their job well.

Guiding affiliates in the program is an essential job for a merchant. Many people in your program are likely beginners or are just starting out as affiliates. They will need guidance in creating and carrying out promotions.

Here we take a look at four ways that merchant can use to guide and help affiliates:

Provide affiliates with instructions

The affiliate must be presented with a basic set of instructions when they join, which could include information such as what they should do and what the merchant expects from them.

The home/landing page of the affiliate portal can be used to provide such information. The welcome email, which is sent to an affiliate when they are approved, can also contain these sets of instructions.

Give affiliates access to resources and tools

Affiliates can be also be given resources for promotions such as banners, posters, or videos. Resources can also include guides or tools on how to create and carry out promotions on different platforms.

By offering creative media to affiliates, affiliates save a lot of time that they would otherwise spend on producing their own media. It also helps the merchant to have more control over promotions.

Keep affiliates informed

An essential part of promotions is, to be honest. Merchants should ensure that affiliates are well informed about the products so that the functionality or capabilities of the products are not overstated, which could otherwise mislead customers.

Merchants should also mention the features that should be highlighted in the promotions. Ideally, promotions should provide aspects of a product that are better than the competition. A perfect way to do this is to send sample items to affiliates for review and content development.

Regular communication with affiliates

Finally, merchants need to have an open line of communication with their affiliates. This means that the affiliates should be able to ask any question or doubt that they have about the program or any product. It also helps to strengthen the relationship between the affiliate and the merchant.

Weekly emails can be sent to affiliates to keep them up-to-date on any changes to the store. These newsletters can also provide information on future sales or new products that are being launched.





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