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  • Top 3 Ways of Getting Affiliates

    While starting an affiliate program is simple, finding affiliates for the program can be difficult. It is especially harder for newer merchants who don’t have an option of reaching out to an existing customer base. There are numerous ways for merchants to identify and recruit affiliates into their program, ranging from social media promotion to […]

  • Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is becoming one of the leading ways that companies are using to promote their products and services. Many small and big brands are opting for affiliate marketing over traditional marketing methods since it offers better returns at a lower cost. Although affiliate marketing undoubtedly provides better value, it still needs to be effectively […]

  • Getting Started with your Affiliate Program

    Affiliate marketing is a great way of increasing sales by getting affiliates to promote your products. Since it is performance-based marketing, you only pay when you see actual results such as an increase in sales or revenue. It is based on a revenue-sharing model where both the merchant and the affiliate get benefited. Setting up […]